What is SEO

SEO stands for Search engine optimization. It is a process of improving your website results and rank on google. With higher organic google search more you traffic for your website. When you understand how it work and how it is useful for your website, after that you use some technique like Keyword Research, Content Creation and page optimization to increase the searchability in the google. SEO Course in Patiala institute are DV Solutions, MR Solutions. SEO Course in Patiala is best for who can not travel far distance .

SEO Patiala

What is difference between organic traffic and paid Traffic?

The Basic difference between organic traffic and paid traffic is that where organic traffic is genuine and free of cost other side paid traffic is paid, in which you can spend some money to gain the traffic. Paid traffic means when you search something then with the result a word show “Ad” which means it is paid. In other side organic traffic come when your content is unique and different from others, and you not need to spend money for gain traffic.

Types of Search engine optimization.

  1. On-page SEO
  2. Off- page SEO

On -page Search  is which action are happen inside your website like post creation, pic etc. Simply say action happen on your website. In other words we can say that to rank the website on goggle we need to post the right content. Otherwise the time spend a lot to rank the website on google.

Off-page Search is which action are happened outside your website which require to rank your website on rank on google.

Above all two search engine optimization are  more important. 

How to SEO work for you

1.Keyword Research

  1. Content

         Keyword Research is like that what people search to find out his relevant and specific result. Usually we type any keyword on google but if we type any keyword then we not find our specific result.

       Content is everything, it looks like king of anything. whenever your content is unique and relevant   then your website rank is possibly higher in google.

SEO tools

  1. Analytics
  2. Keyword Research.
  3. Links
  4. Local Search engine
  6. Ubersuggest
  7. Ahrefs
  8. KWfinder
  9. Analytics: – It is a process of which collect raw data and make useful for Search engine ranking. Also, It helps to monetize your website and approval for your Campaign. For this we can use Google analytics, Google search console etc.  In addition to many other tools are available in the market but google products are widely used.
  10. Keyword Research: – Keyword is essential topic for any business. It is a phrase that user search on internet to find out its specific thing. For e.g. Computer accessories etc. Also, keyword research is useful and help you to find and target audience for your product on google. We user search by using keyword then many results show on our screen. User clicks on top results. Some keyword research tools are – SEMrush, Ahrefs etc.
  11. Links: – Link is just for promote our website. We put link on any social media that mostly used. We just make a link and put it to the social media. When user click on it then he goes to our website and check weather information is his relevant or not. However we can say that link is easily paste but if we want to increase the organic traffic then we should post relevant link.
  12. SEMrush: – It is an online tool which include many functions like PPC, Keyword Research etc. it improves your online visibility.
  13. Local SEO: – Local SEO is a strategy which help you to go your business visible in your local areas. For e.g. If a user finds Clothes near me, then he can see many results that are surrounding by him.