Fitness plays very important role in every human life. Without fitness person can’t succeed In life. Fitness may include physical exercise or mental Exercise. To live life better and long a person should be physically as well as mentally fit. The best example of fitness is to do exercises daily basis. When a person fit physically as well as mentally then he can do whatever do in his life. Exercise also prevent you from various types of disease like Diabetes, Heart attack, Depression etc.

Fitness plays very important role in every human life

Meaning of Depression

Depression is common in anyone life, but if we do some exercise then it can resolve our depression problems. Exercise also helps us to make our mood happy and boost us for do something creative. Exercise is very important specially for old age citizens because in time of old age their physical as well as mental health is decreased.

Types of exercise

  1. Physical
  2. Mental
  3. Physical: – Physical exercise are those which we movement of our body parts. When our job is sitting on then we don’t do physically activity. Then it may cause of some pain and damage our body tissues. But if we do some exercise daily then some movement in our body repair our damages cells.
  • Types of Physical Exercise
  1. Gym Exercise
  2. Walking

Gym Exercise: – Gym play an important role in physical exercise. In gym we have a lot of machines that are specially designed for to do exercise of different parts of our body. If we want a arms exercise then there is some different machines and if we do some other body part exercise then there is other machines are available machines.

Walking: – Walking is very easy and simplest form of do exercise daily and anyone can do this wheatear a person be young or old age. By just walking this plays a important role in physically activity.

  • Types of Mental Exercise
  1. Play games to Train your brain
  2. Daily meditation
  3. Learn new skill
  4. Yoga
  5. Play Games to train your brain: – Games like Crossword Puzzle, Sudoku games, and some other types of games which we find some logic on word etc. this is a great way to increase the memory power of our brain. When we play this type of games then we give challenge to our brain to do it. when we play this type of games then in life our brain can gave us a boost to do something because brain is already train in this.
  6. Daily Meditation: – Mediation is known to calm your body, slow your breathing and reduced the level of stress, anxiety etc. This can be done by sitting on a place. Meditation is not help only reduced the level of stress but also help you to create a calm mental state, create new creative ideas. To do meditation we just need 5-10 minute is enough.
  7. Learn new skill: – age is not matter when you learn new skill. Your brain is capable for learning new skills at any point of life. It is a great way to train your brain and learn new skill that are require in today modern world. Modern world is a name of change the things and make human life better and easiest way.
  8. Yoga: – Yoga also play an important role in human life. Yoga can do those persons who are in old age because in old age time human body can lose his body strength as compare to young one.

Gym Exercise Vs Yoga

Gym Exercise is only those who are young. In young age a person can do those things that are not possible in the age of old age. Example in a gym a person can carry maximum weight as per his strength. But in gym it can make you tired and hungry because in gym we burn energy. Other side in Yoga it help us for digestion. But in yoga if you want to lose weight and fat loss then it can’t achieve through yoga it can only do some cardio exercise that are possible only gyms because in gym various type of exercise machines are available that we can do in yoga.

Gym require some equipment and some space for put equipment’s. And also, you can’t gym at home. Not everyone can afford gym at home. In other hand, in yoga you just need some space, where environment is clean and some calm. Do to yoga it feels you energy and fresh. Yoga also not to feel you Hungary.