Difference in blog and vlog

Now we discuss the difference between blog and vlog. In addition we also discuss about some benefit of vlog and blog. Both are very important tools of marketing in their own field. When we publish any blog or vlog both of their platforms are some similar. blog and vlog are similar to a website where we can search any topic and find many contents. Both are good sources to generate income.

Difference in blog and vlog


Blog are similar to websites and hosted on the internet.  Nowadays blog or vlog both are very important tool of marketing. Blog are used for the purpose of posting any personal advice or advertising goods of any product or company or any other information. There are various features of blog like photos, animations or many types of fonts or texts which make our content more attractive. In other words blogging is known as publishing some meaningful information on website in form of text, images, graphics. Blogs are mostly hosted on websites similar as.  




These are some most popular platforms to host blogs.


  1. INCREASE TRAFFIC ON WEBSITE -If you have a website of your business and you want to increase traffic on it, firstly create a blog on your business or any product and write all about your company or product and tell the benefit of it and why it is good for us. Posting a blog with good information about a company or any product through content helps to increase traffic on the website
  2. PROMOTING – Another key point you can easily promote any product or business through blog. Always create informative eye catchy blogs. It will help you to introduce new interested audience
  3. STRONG RELATION WITH CUSTOMER-If your customer is finding a solution at this time blogging is a way to help your audience. It is a way to make strong relation with customer.
  4. MAKE ONLINE BRAND- The other most important advantage of blogging is you make an online brand. Adding daily blogs of your business helps to create a brand.
  5. EARN MONEY- Once you become a good blogger you get an easy source of good income


The word vlog are similar to where content related to any business or product promotion delivered in video format it is differ from blog. Firstly edit the vlog and make it a visual content then posted on any platform. To create a good vlog you need high quality cameras, costly equipment, or microphones Making vlogs are inexpensive but the cost of buying video making equipment is much more expensive. Mainly these platforms vlogs are hosted on.





These are some most popular platforms to host vlogs.

  1. CONNECT WITH PEOPLE- At first through vlogging you can connect with many people on social media platforms it helps to promote any business or product vlogging attracts customer interaction.
  2. KNOWLEDGE GAIN- Many vloggers make informative and knowledge related videos. People search many keywords to find informative videos. YOUTUBE is one of the most popular platforms where you can find any informational video.
  3. PROMOTING- Vlogging is also part of marketing strategy. If you run any online selling site you can promote through vlogging by explaining all about your business in video.
  4. RANK IN SEARCH RESULT- The another advantage of vlogging is when someone searches related to your business there is a chance of showing your video in top results.
  5. EARN MONEY-The bigger benefits of vlogger is once your video has been viral and you become a popular vlogger you get a good source of income and most importantly many big companies paid to popular vloggers for promoting products or services.

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