Lohri 2023

Lohri 2023:- The Lohri festival is celebrated on 14th January 2023 Saturday.

The Lohri 2023 is a very popular festival in Punjab and Haryana in India. After the day of Lohri the daylight is hoped to increase, people believe that it brings a new or brighter morning of hope. It is a harvesting festival which is celebrated by the people of Punjab and Haryana. The celebration of Lohri started early in the morning and people wished each other.  

Why is Lohri  Celebrated?

The Lohri is also linked with Makar Sankranti which is celebrated in the Punjab and Haryana region as Maghi Sangrand(Starting of new month Magh). Lohri is celebrated to memorialise the winter solstice.  People celebrated to welcome the financial year of farmers according to new agricultural leasing or occupancy, Rents are collected on that day.


Lohri is the famous festival of Punjab and Haryana but is also celebrated by Hindus. But nowadays Lohri festival is celebrated at a large scale among different states and regions also.

  1. During the day, childrens  go door to door singing folk songs and are given sweets, peanuts, Gajak, and money.
  2. Turning children’s backs with empty pockets/ hands is regarded as unpromising. The collection consists of till, sugar, popcorn, and Gajak.
  3. In the evening people light the fire and distribute sweets, peanuts, popcorns, Gajak to everyone and they throw a small amount of peanuts , popcorns, and Gajak in the fire burns.
  4. On Lohri night they eat sarson ka saag, Makki ki roti, and kheer for dinner.
  5. On this day kite flying is also very popular in some parts of Punjab and Haryana.
Lohri songs and Its importance on the Lohri festival.

Lohri songs play a vital role in the celebration of Lohri. Songs represent the joy and excitement inside the person. These songs are enjoyed by every person who is celebrating the Lohri . Singing and dancing form an important part of the celebration of any festival. These songs are mainly folk songs which are sung to thank the god for good crops and good prosperity.  The Lohri songs are also sung for the remembrance of Punjab warrior Dulla Bhatti. People wear colourful clothes and do Bhangra and Giddha on the beat of Dhol. This program of dance is done around the fireburn.  

Dhulla Bhatti

Over the years people have correlated Lohri to remember the Dulla Bhatti. The Main character of  many Llohri songs is Dhulla Bhatti, Dulla Bhati who lived in punjab in the tenure of mughal emperor Akbar. Many people also pay tribute to Dulla bhatti as the name given to The Robin Hood of Punjab . Dhulla Bhatti not only robbed the rich but also rescued the poor Punjabi girls who were forcefully taken to be sold in the slave markets . So, Lohri song is sung to give respect to Dhulla BHatti for his service that he gives to punjab for punjab’s wellness.  

Lohri 2023 celebration for New Bride and Newborn

The first Lohri celebrated by a newly married couple or newborn child represents a grand occasion . Family members are invited for the celebration of Lohri and exchange of gifts. When the party’s over Lohri is celebrated with dancing and singing around the bonfire. This is a very special event for newly married couples and newborn children, whether they are boys or girls.

For a new Bride.

  1. The in-laws invite the newly wed bride to their house for celebrate the first Lohri of  newly-wed bride 
  2. Newly-wed girls dress up like a bride with traditional clothes, jewellery. She applies mehndi in her hands.
  3. As the newly wed couple sit at the centre, friends and family members go up to them, wish them, give the blessings, also give them beautiful gifts.
  4. The in-laws also gift cloth,money and jewellery to the bride. 

First Lohri with a newborn.

  1. The birth of a child is a precious occasion that brings joy and hope in the family and that’s why families celebrate this festival with full of happiness and joy.
  2. The maternal and paternal grandparents give their blessing and gift to a new born child.
  3. Relatives and friends of the baby’s parents give gifts to the new born baby. 
This day celebration in other parts of India  

  These days Lohri is very popular not only in Punjab and Haryana but also in India. South Indians get together to celebrate this festival. In Maharashtra they celebrate this festival as Makar Sankranti and In the Tamil Nadu they celebrate as Pongal. As well as this day celebrates the whole country with different names or different names of festivals.  

Lohri is nowadays mostly about lighting the bonfire in the cold and dancing and making happiness around. Lohri is marked as a festival that celebrates New Month, Harvest. These days we people celebrate this festival by planting trees that are good for our environment . 

Lohri celebrated in jammu.

Lohri is celebrated in jammu because of various traditions associated with it First of all Chajja making and Dancing on Lohri. Young children create a picture of a peacock which is known as Chajja. They carry Chajja and go from one house to another house celebrating the Lohri. In jammu they also do Hiran dance on that day. 

Other facts  about Lohri:-

There are many reasons behind its name 

People believe that Lohri is named after the Goddess Lohri who is the sister  of “Holika”. Secondly it is the combination name ‘TIl’ and ‘Rohri’ Which is majorly consumed on this day. Thirdly It origins in the word ‘LOH’ which means Light and Burning of Fire.

Starting of the Financial year for farmers.

Lohri is known as the new financial year for farmers because the leasing amount of winter crops are collected on Lohri festival. It is an important custom of the Punjabi community. 

Longest Night of the Year. 

Have you ever noticed why all festivals are celebrated after the sunset. The reality is that Lohri has the longest day and the shortest day. That’s why after the Lohri day will be gone longer. 


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