What is Instagram

In our daily life social media plays a very important role. There are too many social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, telegram etc. All social media apps are growing day by day. Same here the Instagram users are also increasing daily. It is a user-friendly app. In this app we can share images, videos and also we can connect with many people from any  place through the Instagram app. There are search profile options in Instagram in which we can find any person by their username if the person was a user of this app.


Through the Instagram app we can make many new friends and also we can see their daily posts like any photo, video, news or many other things if they post. Through the app we can see new posts, latest news and also gain our knowledge. On this app we can chat with people and we can do video calls with our friends. through the app you can search many things according to your interest. In the search option you can find many pages. When you search any page by your choice then they show you many pages related to your keywords. After that you can find the best page according to your choice.


Like if you are interested in shopping there you can see many pages related to your search. You can see many shopping pages where you select the best page for you by seeing their posts. You can also search about any product or any services. For example if you search for natural products then you will show many pages related to natural products. If you are thinking about buying any natural product there you see many pages selling there natural products you can easily buy these products. In search option you can also find places or etc.

The other main option in Instagram are reels where you see short time videos. The maximum length of these videos are 30 seconds. You can see these videos on Instagram in the reels option where you see a lot of videos. The Instagram reels option is mainly used for entertainment. Many people or artists post their videos on Instagram. Many videos are knowledgeable in Instagram reels. You can also gain your knowledge by seeing these videos. We can also make reels and post them if you are interested. You can see many other options on Instagram. But these are some mostly used options in this app.


Whenever you open app you will see new posts from the account you follow on instagram

HOME- Firstly you visit in home page of the app where you see all new activities posted by your friend.

SEARCH AND EXPLORE- In this option you can explore many interesting posts or you can search any user by its username.

SHOP- Here you see shopping and fashion related posts from here you can buy these products.

REELS-In this option you can see a short time video. In these videos people show their creativity and any best part of her business or any entertaining reels.


    At last we discuss some advantages.

    1. FREECOST OR USERFRIEDLY- The application is free of cost. People can make their account in free of cost.
    2. SHARING DATA OR INFORMATION- You can easily shares any photo, Video, or any other information to your friend.
    3. HELP IN MAKING BRAND- If you any brand owner you can promote your brand through sharing posts or reels.
    4. EARNING WAY- You can earn through this app. You can easily earn money through selling product or any brand sponsoring or many other ways.
    5. INCREASE CONTACT- It is a popular social media platform. Here you can connect with many user and it helps to promote your brand to your audience.

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