what is Online  shopping?

Online shopping occurs when a customer buys through a digital platform .An example Of such a platform is “” . Online biker ring store form Thailand you do not have to live in this country to get one of the product the store sells .But global coverage Is one of the major benefits . because it is simple buying and selling of goods And services using the internet.

This is a form of electronic commerce which allow  consumers to directly buy goods or services from a seller over the internet web browser or a mobile app and consumers find a product of interest by visiting the web site .Customers can shop online using a range of different computers and devices ,including desktop computer ,laptops ,tablet computer and smartphone.

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Different types of online shopping in India

Firstly         Search based online shopping 

Secondly    Browsing based online shopping 

Thirdly        Interactive online shopping

Search based online shopping

Search  based shopping saves time.The search to checkout the time is the least of as compared to other shopping formats. A detailed description of item is available along with color and size variations .However availability of reviews and price offered from different seller on the same item makes it easy to decide what is buy.It is difficult to grow and get sales for small business because of high competitive price from big brand and the platform’s in house brands.

Browsing based online shopping

The option to choose from is in large number and there is something for everyone On these kinds of commerce shopping websites. product  categories where look more important than utility and are best suited for browsing based shopping.Therefore it is difficult for small sellers because of priority being given to beggar brands and return rates on items being very high.

Interactive online shopping

Interactive shopping is the best if you like the experience of offline shopping and love to interact with like minded shoppers. you would be supporting a small shop instead of  buying from the biggest commerce marketplaces. The discovery of checkout time is very good.You may have to wait to view a certain category of product or may have  to wait a bit for your favorite seller to host the live show but come on,all good things take time right.

Most popular shopping categories

Currently fashion is ranked as the top selling online retail category .nowadays many a famous app where we can shop accordingly and we can buy our  favorite products.Most popular shopping categories such as;

Firstly  Fashion

Secondly  Electronic 

Thirdly  Toys hobby,and diy

Fourthly   Furniture

Fifthly   Beauty, health, personal and household care

online services

 Benefits of online shopping

Many benefits of online shopping here are 10 of most important advantages such as ;

1  Convenience 

2  Better price 

3  More variety 

4  You can send gifts more easily 

5  More control 

6  Easy price comparisons 

7  No crowds

8  No presser 

9  You can buy used or damaged item lower price 

10 Discreet purchases are easier 

 You can get an electronic record of the receipt of your purchases  which makes record Keeping much easier.You get to try things on in the comfort of your own home sometime return are easy. It saves time. 

Disadvantages of online shopping  

1  Negative environmental impact package and gas

2  Shipping problems and delay 

3  Risk and fraud 

4  Less contact with the community 

5  You don’t know exactly what you are getting 

6  Return can be complicated 

7  Unfriendly scammy ,or complicated website

8  Spending to much time in online 

9  No sales assistance 

10 No support of local retailers 

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