Health care services is the important of health

Health care or healthcare is the important of health. The prevention , diagnosis , treatment ,amelioration or cure of disease , illness ,injury. However other physically  and mental impairments in people a health care us deliver health professionals  and allied health fields. Therefore health care services are a complex inter and Web of business vendors, insurers , providers organizations and most importantly patients.

health care services

Health care services major 6 categories 

Types  of patients of care 

1. Primary  care

2.Specialty care  

3.Emergency care

4.Urgent care 

5 long term care 

6.Hospice care

7.Mental health care

Health care services advantages

With the increasing complexity of the healthcare system .So patients now have an incredible array of choice in receiving care and This often includes the option of selecting what type of health care services they wish to use. Understanding the difference between the various . Healthcare services is crucial when trying to make an informed decision about medical care.

health care services

Medical laboratory

A medical laboratory or clinical laboratory is a laboratory and where. Clinical pathology tests are carried out on clinical specimens to get information about the health of a patient To aid in the diagnosis , treatment and prevention of disease .

Medical laboratories vary in the size and complexity . So offer a variety of testing services . As well as nursing homes and surgical  centers may have laboratories that provide more basic testing services.Therefore Commercial medical laboratories. such as healthcare sick care operate as independent businesses and provide services. 


A hospital’s is primary task is to provide short term care for people with severe health issue resulting from injury disease and genetic anomaly open 24 hour a day. Firstly seven day a week Secondly hospital bring together physicians in assorted Thirdly a highly skilled nursing staff Fourthly medical ,technicians Fifthly healthcare administrators and specialized equipment to deliver care to people with acute and chronic health conditions.

Many hospital offer a wide range of services . Including emergency care ,schedules surgeries ,labor and delivery services, diagnostic testing ,lab work and patient education depending their health situation.


Surgical center 

Some surgeries are too complex to be done safely by doctors but simple enough that patients rarely require hospital care after undergoing them .However Ambulatory surgical center provides these types of procedures also refer to as outpatient or same day surgery center . Ambulatory surgical center are often a less expensive option then a hospital.

Nursing home  

A nursing home is design for patients who require constant care but do not have to be hospital and can not be cared for at home. Because it can actually serve patient of all age.

Who require this level of care and Nursing home have medical personnel onsite 24 hours a day .Moreover a physician ,skilled nurse and therapists are on staff to oversee and provide medical care and help with medications and services like physical. .     

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