Different type of the transport services

Different type of the transport services means those activity designed to assist a person to travel from One place to obtain service on carry out life activities and Transport services means travel assistance given to an individual with escort services but If necessary to and from community facilities and resources as part  of a service plan .

 transport services

 Different type of transport services

Here are different type of services such as ;

  • Buses , many rural communities uses buses as the primary Vehicle for their public transportation system ,operating fixed routes services  on the regular schedule 
  • Passenger train services 
  • Passenger air services 
  • Personal vehicles
  • Pedestrian transportations   
  • Boats
  • Resources  to learn more 

Benefits of transport services

Especially in the early planing phases of new public transit plans or prioritizing needed  improvements and It’s worth considering the benefits of public transport. So when determining budget and design here look eight transport benefits to consider;

Improve community healthFor decades ,urban planners have looked to public transport to improve facilities and improve community health and well being Public transit riders must walk from their front door to the nearby transit stop and back However which increases physical activity to help address the modern obesity epidemic.

Economic benefits of the community Every dollar invested in public transportation yields economic gains in the community .This is includes supporting a workforce  for needed improvement fostering business cluster and attracting tourists for businesses and pleasure People can more easily stop for a snack or a cup of coffee when walking to a transit stop as opposed to driving. 

transport services

small businesses can benefit

Improves fuel efficiency- One of the most technical  benefit of public transportation is the ability to outfit buses and other public transit vehicle with alternative fuel sources overall Some system are completely electronic utilize renewable resources for fuel.Public transportation reduce air pollution Less fuel burned means better air quality for cities that integrate public transit .

That come from Transportation is due day-to-day commutes .By leaving the car at home.A People can save up to 20 pounds of carbon dioxide emission every day.Improve road congestionNo one likes to be stuck in traffic, but rising populations demand improvement in roads infrastructure that can be costly and take a lot of time.However road construction  can often make the situation 

More challenging before it gets better.Improve community mobilityMany people do not have to capability to drive. So public transportation is sometimes the only option to help them get to their destination .Provides an equitable transportation system

This reduces the challenge of needing to be able to afford a car and gasoline or rely on some one.  who owns a vehicle -to earn a way to expand the workforce and improve the city’s economy by giving more people the ability  to get to their Jobs and public transport accomplish this. 

Public transport improve commuters productivity-Many state even have laws against using a smartphone at all while operating an automobile.The multi-tasking limitation drive can result in hours of ineffective time.People can sleep , read and relax on their way to work.

Disadvantages of  transportation services

Here look to some disadvantages to transport services such as;

  • Long distances overland can take more time 
  • There can be traffic delays and breakdown 
  • There is the risk of good being damaged ,especially over long distance
  • Toll charges are high in some countries 
  • Some countries has different road and traffic regulations 
  • Travelers are crowded and personal space may not be available 
  • Traffic management measures 
  • Long commutes
  • Large fleet costs 
  • Parking issue 
  • Sprawling sites 
  • Rapid speed
  • Services in rural areas
  • Door to door services 
  • Saving in packing cost      


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