basic information of yoga

Basic information of yoga is Sanskrit word translated as “yoke” or “union” .To yoke means to draw together or to unite and Its aim to yoke or create a union of the body, mind ,soul and universal consciousness So this process of uniting the physical , mental , emotional and spiritual aspects of over self is what allows yogis to experience is deep state of freedom .Many people their .What started of thousand of years ago in the east as a meditative practices

Has now evolved into a modern lifestyle. However People from all walks of life can practice and receive the benefits .Many celebrities swear by the physical  and spiritual practices. Therefore is the best way to keep the body fit But With basic yoga information we can get rid of many diseases .And you can keep your body young forever. we do not even need much money to do this so it is the best way.

what is yoga?

That has been passed down by the generations from teacher to student. basic information of Yoga practice include firstly breathing Secondly techniques Thirdly postures relaxation Fourthly chanting and Fifthly meditations methods. There are many different styles of yoga and each with their own unique focus and approach to creating a united state .Its organic life is traced back thousands of years .This  contemplative practices connect to the source of our being where we can experience the unity of our own self. As well as the unity of everything else around us.

yoga practices

There are main branches of traditional yoga in each of these different aspect of yoga 

 Will resonate differently with practitioners based on their disposition skill and ability 

Firstly       focus on the meditations practices

Secondly  focus on the action and services in daily life 

Thirdly      focus on the devotion to God 

Fourthly    focus on the ritual and initiation 

Fifthly       focus on the energy and movement of the body 

what is yoga?

Goal of  yoga

Yoga is the practice that allows us to transform and purify our body, mind and soul .

It also gives us greater access to inner resources to teach us about self awareness, acceptance ,compassion , patience ,forgiveness, love ,peace and joy. 

it  teach us to see ourself to clearly , to understand what is true about who we are

And to let go of anything that does not serve us It helps us to become aware of our thoughts, feelings and beliefs, and to change them when they no longer serve us It gives us the tools to make better choices in life and to live more fully 

 what is yoga?
 Modern yoga in the west

In the western world “yoga” has come to mean a particular style called the hatha yoga 

These branches emphasize posture (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama) , stress relief , relaxation ,physical fitness and wellness. The focus is primarily on the physical body which differs from traditional yoga There are many schools of  Hatha However each with its own unique style and philosophy.

8 Limbs of yoga

Patanjali laid out the fundamentals of yoga philosophy and practices in the classic text , the yoga sutras. He describes the 8 limbs or steps to reach the goal of the practices

Each limb is spiritual , mental or physical practices  that build upon another . the limbs of the eightfold path are;

1. YAMA –            The moral code of conduct 

2.NIYAMA-           The physically observances and internal practices 

3. ASANA-            The proper posture

4. PRANAYAMA–  The proper breathing exercise 

5.PRATYAHARA-  The withdrawal of senses from  external distractions

6.DHARANA-        The mental concentration and focusing the mind 

7.DHYANA-           The meditation and focus on the single point 

8.SAMADHI-         The cessation of all mental activity to attain a state of oneness 


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