What makes your hotel so special?

There are different reasons for your ideal guest to stay at your hotel . So it depends on the different types of services in the hotel industry. That you are offering Some people will be searching for comfortable beds and others will go for delicious foods but they all will be looking at the way you treat your guests. It is growing at a rapid pace

Hotel services

You have to think outside the box and provide your guests with various services to attract them and keep them coming back So the right time to introduce some fantastic features and amenities and that will not only attract more customers but that will make you stand out from the competition.

Many types of services in hotel industry

We will discuss some great amenities and services. That you can offer to keep your guest more engaged and satisfied.

  1. Personalized greeting 
  2. A working space
  3. Pick and drop services 
  4. Event management facilities 
  5. Offer a jogging area 
  6. Free traveling options
  7. Personal gym equipment 
  8. Custom made soaps and toiletries 
  9. Outdoor driving 
  10. Free books and movies with snacks

Hotel services that attract customers

There are many types of services available in hotels However the manner of speaking of the manager and staff is very important and Having a constant learning process with your staff will keep in their mind .How to deal with the guests basic and additional services.

Basic services- Two basic services provided by a room and board because the room is the main services of the enterprise that belong to hotel businesses, temporary staying related services such as Firstly changing bed clothes Secondly giving towels and all these services are include into the cost of a room However meals are provided by dining facilities and restaurants ,cafes ,bars that work in a hotel.

Additional services provided by a hotel To attract more clients to a hotel additional paid or unpaid services are often available. They could be different entertainment Firstly personal services for families Secondly businesses or VIP clients that are often provided in the form of packages and attractive additional services provided by a hotel able to fill the season of low demand to increase profit and improve image. 

Paid and unpaid hotel services

When you plan your businesses ,It is important to consider the kind of services you are going to provide the clients with and they are paid and unpaid services.

Unpaid services

Firstly walking by a certain time 

Secondly delivers of personal letter to a hotel room if they are sent to the hotel room 

Thirdly calling and ambulance if it is needed

Fourthly using first aid kit

Fifthly providing a set of dishes, boiling water ,scissors ,a needle and thread 

hotel services

Paid services 

Nevertheless ,it is actually the business venture and no services is provided may be a free of charges , paid services are also in demand but it is not only to stay in a hotel room the most common hotel paid services ;

1 staying in a hotel room

2 meals  

3 clothing and footwear repairing ,dry cleaner 

4 currency exchange 

5 renting of premises 

Kind of package hotel services

Basic and additional services are sometimes offered in the form of packages with the list of provided services for a fixed fee.well thought out package attract clients with their simplicity and convenience they also help to reduce cost of the enterprise paid and unpaid services the most popular packages are day off packages Firstly Holiday Packages ,Secondly family packages,Thirdly newly weds or honeymooners packages and thematic ones .hotel services providing depend on seasonal changes .that is bad businesses to provided all the services all year around but in time of high demand special paid services and extra staff be added .           

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