Social media marketing (SMM) 

Social media marketing (SMM) is also known is digital marketing and internet marketing .That use of social media the platform on which user build social network ,share information build a company’s brand increase sales ,drive website traffic and Moreover to providing companies with a way to engage with existing customers and reach new ones. Therefore interactive media technologies that facilities the creation and sharing of information ,ideas interest and other forms.

social media marketing

It is is also involves listening to the communities establishing relationship with them as a representative of your ies .In fact SMM marketing is about listening to the communities and responding in kind, but many social media marketers it also refer to reviewing content or finding a particularly useful piece of content and promoting it within the vast social sphere of the internet . It is never a component of search engine marketing .

Social media marketing Benefits

Social media marketing can benefit businesses of all sizes in all industries .If you are a small business owner top 5 benefits of social media marketing such as;

Firstly Brands awareness    

Secondly Increase revenue 

Thirdly Improved SEO

Fourthly Better customers services 

Fifthly Retargeting opportunities

 Brands awareness – companies of all sizes and industries want to get their names out there .It’s easy to see why social media may be one of the best platform   for promoting your brand .This is a great way to bring awareness to your company showcase your product or services .Many brands also use social media as an outlet to share news ,product updates and launches and other information.

 Increase revenue – The common goal of drawing is as much revenue as possible but If you have not included social media as part of your marketing initiatives .Many of the people you will reach may not necessarily be interested in your product or services but may still share your information with others who may be.

Improved SEO– Social media is an excellent platform for showcasing your best content and compelling content is what gets shared. Many different components make up a solid SEO plan , but many people  are surprised to learn that their social media presence can also increase their ranking .

    Better customer services – Both big and small brands and excellent services help them thrive . Most companies these days offer a variety of ways for customers to reach them. Moreover email ,Telephone and even live chat used to be the primary ways for customers to reach out to companies.

  Retargeting opportunities– This ties in with brand awareness and with more people finding out about your businesses .The more potential you have as growing your customers base and They allow you to reach your target audience directly on a wide variety of platforms . 

social media marketing

Benefits of social media for business 

Social media can help you engage with your customers and find out what people are saying about your business you can also use social media for advertising and promotional giveaway and mobile application social media can help your businesses to

1 Develop your brand 

2 Increase your market reach , including international markets.

3 attract customers ,get customers , build customers market research and reduce marketing costs 

5 increase revenue by building customers network 

6 exchange idea to improve the way you do businesses 

7 increase traffic to your website 

8 keep an eye on your competitions 

9 improve your search engine ranking 

10 recruit skilled staff

 Negative  effect of social media

When you are often social media not only do you spend you less quality time with people who are physically present in your life but they will quickly get annoying. when we speak with someone face to face and non verbal cues are just as important as what we are saying on social media 10 negative effect of social media such as ;

1. reduces face-to-face interaction

2. distracts from life goal

3. increased craving for attraction

4. Can lead to a higher risk of depression 

5.relationship are more likely to fail 

6.stunts creativity 

7. Encountering cyberbullies 

8. Social comparison reduce self esteem 

9. Loss of sleep 

10 lack of privacy          

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