Difference in inbound and outbound marketing


Let us discuss about difference in inbound and outbound marketing. Firstly we start with inbound marketing. This marketing is like any marketing strategy. Inbound marketing focuses on targeted audiences by creating valuable content. This marketing is totally based on customer interest and what they are looking for. Inbound marketing involves attracting the attention of people and making interest in your offer. This marketing is a way to introduce your company to your audience by making entertaining, educational and valuable content. In inbound marketing we can collect all data of customer. Inbound marketing is also like digital marketing. With the right way and guidelines so inbound marketing is the perfect way for businesses to grow more leads.

Difference in inbound and outbound marketing



VIDEO – Video has the potential to attract the attention of your audience and Video is one of the most creative ways to create your content. You will create demos of your product by making a video. After that you will explain your product in video. You will post your video in any social media platform. It can be a very useful tool for creating your content.

SOCIAL MEDIA – Social media is a very useful way to promote your content with your audience and the best thing is you can have conversations with your audience and new interested people who are interested in your product so you will explain your content to them. With the help of conversation with the audience you can optimize your content according to their interest.

INFOGRAPHIC – It is importantly to know that infographics can tell a story in a visual way with text. So it is a visual way to present your content. Infographic can help people to understand your ideas by using charts, graphs, diagrams, images and text. So you can easily create your own infographic and represent any kind of information and data.


Firstly Outbound marketing focuses on a non-targeted audience to promote our product or services. It is like traditional marketing and Outbound marketing methods are directly connected to customers and make leads. By direct interaction with customers and companies collect accurate feedback and better understand customer interest and This methodology helps companies to give better results to their customers and optimize their product. But in outbound marketing the information does not spread Fastly. In outbound marketing company motive is to send its information to non targeted audience in traditional form. But outbound marketing is harder and less profitable but other side inbound marketing is more profitable.



Firstly the main advantage of inbound marketing is it works online. They easily collect information about customer interest and then optimize their content according to customers interest. With inbound marketing able to targeted focused audiences with informational messages. Customers make decisions based on their interest and Inbound marketing uses techniques to create brand awareness and attract the audience. Because of all these reasons inbound marketing is more effective than outbound marketing and The other bigger benefits of inbound marketing is lower cost. Inbound marketing is in budget and give ROI (Return On Investment). Overall its cheaper cost than outbound marketing.

firstly the outbound marketing is a traditional way of marketing and the outbound marketing strategy to reach their audience is commercial ads, T.V ads, radio .FM, and newspaper ads. So those are not more digital connected they are comfortable with these ways of outbound marketing strategy. Outbound marketing is not focused on targeted audiences like inbound marketing. and in outbound marketing the way of communication is one way and in inbound marketing the way of communication is two way. In outbound marketing the running cost is high as compared to inbound marketing.

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