Online exam platform

Many ways to ensure the reliability of exams .Secure your online exam with a powerful platform . Prepare online exam with a unique set of questions for each respondent use various questions-drawing algorithms. Block respondent from going back questions.

We have concluded that the smart online examination platform is a much viable solution to the existing platform for conducting the exams.

The  platform is smooth.To use with a translations flow of information .In the most school ,the online technologies for course delivers exams .The exam proctoring were new to faculty .They were thrown into the unfamiliar platform without much need training.

online exam platform

Online examination:Everything you need to know about necessary 

Online is also known as a e-examination .The enable examiners to conduct exam using .The internet or a company wide internet for remote candidates. It require candidates to answers questions with in pre-decided time frame .The test window collapse once the exam over and institute get real  time reports. let see type of online  is best platform. when you provide best services . login to the website and fill the form .

Firstly       give your username 

Secondly give a password .

Thirdly      give your phone number 

Then the website has been mails to you and gives roll number and gives complete detail about the online exam platform .Student follow this information  and instruction give exams .  Platform provide best design questions papers

Every question papers  given multiple answers and you choose the right answers. Then students complete the exam and submit. Platform after exam student paper according to a result sheet and send the student E-mail address

Secure platform for online exam platform.

Online has been around for a while ,but they are not without their flaws. Many people  with struggle with taking exam on the paper . They cannot be certain they will get the same questions and answers .This is where an online exam comes in the handy. If you are struggling to take an exam online.

You can use always secure platform . A secure platform for an online exam is a vital part of the education process .The platform should be user friendly and easy to navigate .while still protecting students from any potential threats .

It also be compatible with all devices and have a convenient mobile app. Online exam platform is becoming a major source of income for students in the United states.

The exams are held on a secure platform to ensure that the information on the online platform remains private. The platform also provides multiple security options for each student. Which allow for a more efficient and secure platform for students. 

 online exam platform

Types of online exam

There are many different types of online exams that students can take. They are multiple choice, while others are essays or short answers. Some types of online exams are graded in a matter of hours. It take weeks to grade. The online exams are grad machines and others human beings.

There are exams that you can take at your home, office, or school .The exams that you can take online. When it comes to online exams. They are two ways to take an exam: synchronous and asynchronous. Synchronous exams have a time limit .

You have to complete the exam in that time frame. With asynchronous exams, you can do the exam. whenever it is convenient for you and the time limit is not set.Some types of online exam Such as:

Firstly Semesters and entrance exam 

Secondly Coding /programming and assessment 

Thirdly Mock  practices test 

Fourthly Open  books test 

Fifthly Competitive exam and contest 

Conclusion of online exam platform 

It is a great time working with you on the online exam platform .I feel as able to create something amazing together. I am very proud of what we achieve . This project will help student in the future .The online exam platform is a wonderful platform way to provide access to the student faculty .

It has been helpful in many ways including student to complete their exam from anywhere in the world .It providing a way for student to get around the difficult grading process. It is an easy way for students to access their grades online.  


What is content marketing

Content marketing is a strategic way of marketing where you create valuable and informational content. This marketing strategy is used to attract the audience by making blogs, social media posts, emails, videos. These are some ways of content marketing and its help to generate more leads and  help to target our focused audience. If you regularly use content marketing and make a great relation with your audience when a  customer is interested in your product they are more happy to buy a product with you because of your brand awareness and informational content. In short, the traditional market pitching about your service or product but in content marketing we delivered informational and valuable content to our targeted audience that make our audience more clarify. Like it is another form of digital marketing.


  1. BLOG POSTS – Blog posts are a popular type of content marketing. By making informational blog posts you can attract traffic to your website and it helps to generate more leads.
  2. EMAIL- It is another type of content marketing. Where you make newsletters or any informational mail and share with your targeted audiences.
  3. SOCIAL MEDIA – It’s also known as a popular way of content marketing. In social media there are many popular platforms with billions of users. You can find your most targeted audience on social media platforms. You can also share your content in social media posts.
  4. VIDEOS – The next is video content. The best thing is video content where you can easily explain your product or any service by yourself. In fact you can share your video through blog posts, email and social media.
What is content marketing


Whenever you start content marketing the first thing is you know the strategy of this marketing. A great content strategy will attract your target audience.


Firstly find your targeted audience. It helps you to deliver your content to targeted audiences and generate more leads


When your audience faces any challenges the video is the best method to solve or explain your product or service.


Many or other companies are similar, providing the same as our product or services. That is why always making your content unique. It attracts the attention of more audiences.


Whenever you deliver your content, first find your platform where you want to deliver your content to your audience. It is more important  to find targeted audiences. Many social media platforms where we find our audience or deliver content.


Whenever you create content, always remember to show our company benefits to your audience. It takes more attention from customers and makes them more interested in our company.



If you regularly update your content and are more active in social media then you are connected with more customers but always create more informational and value content and always define your Speciaility and any offers.


If you make good attachments with customers that means more chances of repeat customers. Always clear doubt of your customer related to our service or product . It makes good attachment with customers


By content marketing you can improve your company reputation. If people are looking for and your content is informative and helpful or engage them. Then highly increase the chance of closeness of customer relationship and it effect on improvement of company reputation.


The best part is the cost of this marketing is not too high compared to traditional marketing and it also depends on how much you want to spend on it.


What is Instagram

In our daily life social media plays a very important role. There are too many social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, telegram etc. All social media apps are growing day by day. Same here the Instagram users are also increasing daily. It is a user-friendly app. In this app we can share images, videos and also we can connect with many people from any  place through the Instagram app. There are search profile options in Instagram in which we can find any person by their username if the person was a user of this app.


Through the Instagram app we can make many new friends and also we can see their daily posts like any photo, video, news or many other things if they post. Through the app we can see new posts, latest news and also gain our knowledge. On this app we can chat with people and we can do video calls with our friends. through the app you can search many things according to your interest. In the search option you can find many pages. When you search any page by your choice then they show you many pages related to your keywords. After that you can find the best page according to your choice.


Like if you are interested in shopping there you can see many pages related to your search. You can see many shopping pages where you select the best page for you by seeing their posts. You can also search about any product or any services. For example if you search for natural products then you will show many pages related to natural products. If you are thinking about buying any natural product there you see many pages selling there natural products you can easily buy these products. In search option you can also find places or etc.

The other main option in Instagram are reels where you see short time videos. The maximum length of these videos are 30 seconds. You can see these videos on Instagram in the reels option where you see a lot of videos. The Instagram reels option is mainly used for entertainment. Many people or artists post their videos on Instagram. Many videos are knowledgeable in Instagram reels. You can also gain your knowledge by seeing these videos. We can also make reels and post them if you are interested. You can see many other options on Instagram. But these are some mostly used options in this app.


Whenever you open app you will see new posts from the account you follow on instagram

HOME- Firstly you visit in home page of the app where you see all new activities posted by your friend.

SEARCH AND EXPLORE- In this option you can explore many interesting posts or you can search any user by its username.

SHOP- Here you see shopping and fashion related posts from here you can buy these products.

REELS-In this option you can see a short time video. In these videos people show their creativity and any best part of her business or any entertaining reels.


    At last we discuss some advantages.

    1. FREECOST OR USERFRIEDLY- The application is free of cost. People can make their account in free of cost.
    2. SHARING DATA OR INFORMATION- You can easily shares any photo, Video, or any other information to your friend.
    3. HELP IN MAKING BRAND- If you any brand owner you can promote your brand through sharing posts or reels.
    4. EARNING WAY- You can earn through this app. You can easily earn money through selling product or any brand sponsoring or many other ways.
    5. INCREASE CONTACT- It is a popular social media platform. Here you can connect with many user and it helps to promote your brand to your audience.

    what is Online  shopping?

    Online shopping occurs when a customer buys through a digital platform .An example Of such a platform is “” . Online biker ring store form Thailand you do not have to live in this country to get one of the product the store sells .But global coverage Is one of the major benefits . because it is simple buying and selling of goods And services using the internet.

    This is a form of electronic commerce which allow  consumers to directly buy goods or services from a seller over the internet web browser or a mobile app and consumers find a product of interest by visiting the web site .Customers can shop online using a range of different computers and devices ,including desktop computer ,laptops ,tablet computer and smartphone.

    online services

    Different types of online shopping in India

    Firstly         Search based online shopping 

    Secondly    Browsing based online shopping 

    Thirdly        Interactive online shopping

    Search based online shopping

    Search  based shopping saves time.The search to checkout the time is the least of as compared to other shopping formats. A detailed description of item is available along with color and size variations .However availability of reviews and price offered from different seller on the same item makes it easy to decide what is buy.It is difficult to grow and get sales for small business because of high competitive price from big brand and the platform’s in house brands.

    Browsing based online shopping

    The option to choose from is in large number and there is something for everyone On these kinds of commerce shopping websites. product  categories where look more important than utility and are best suited for browsing based shopping.Therefore it is difficult for small sellers because of priority being given to beggar brands and return rates on items being very high.

    Interactive online shopping

    Interactive shopping is the best if you like the experience of offline shopping and love to interact with like minded shoppers. you would be supporting a small shop instead of  buying from the biggest commerce marketplaces. The discovery of checkout time is very good.You may have to wait to view a certain category of product or may have  to wait a bit for your favorite seller to host the live show but come on,all good things take time right.

    Most popular shopping categories

    Currently fashion is ranked as the top selling online retail category .nowadays many a famous app where we can shop accordingly and we can buy our  favorite products.Most popular shopping categories such as;

    Firstly  Fashion

    Secondly  Electronic 

    Thirdly  Toys hobby,and diy

    Fourthly   Furniture

    Fifthly   Beauty, health, personal and household care

    online services

     Benefits of online shopping

    Many benefits of online shopping here are 10 of most important advantages such as ;

    1  Convenience 

    2  Better price 

    3  More variety 

    4  You can send gifts more easily 

    5  More control 

    6  Easy price comparisons 

    7  No crowds

    8  No presser 

    9  You can buy used or damaged item lower price 

    10 Discreet purchases are easier 

     You can get an electronic record of the receipt of your purchases  which makes record Keeping much easier.You get to try things on in the comfort of your own home sometime return are easy. It saves time. 

    Disadvantages of online shopping  

    1  Negative environmental impact package and gas

    2  Shipping problems and delay 

    3  Risk and fraud 

    4  Less contact with the community 

    5  You don’t know exactly what you are getting 

    6  Return can be complicated 

    7  Unfriendly scammy ,or complicated website

    8  Spending to much time in online 

    9  No sales assistance 

    10 No support of local retailers 


    Health care services is the important of health

    Health care or healthcare is the important of health. The prevention , diagnosis , treatment ,amelioration or cure of disease , illness ,injury. However other physically  and mental impairments in people a health care us deliver health professionals  and allied health fields. Therefore health care services are a complex inter and Web of business vendors, insurers , providers organizations and most importantly patients.

    health care services

    Health care services major 6 categories 

    Types  of patients of care 

    1. Primary  care

    2.Specialty care  

    3.Emergency care

    4.Urgent care 

    5 long term care 

    6.Hospice care

    7.Mental health care

    Health care services advantages

    With the increasing complexity of the healthcare system .So patients now have an incredible array of choice in receiving care and This often includes the option of selecting what type of health care services they wish to use. Understanding the difference between the various . Healthcare services is crucial when trying to make an informed decision about medical care.

    health care services

    Medical laboratory

    A medical laboratory or clinical laboratory is a laboratory and where. Clinical pathology tests are carried out on clinical specimens to get information about the health of a patient To aid in the diagnosis , treatment and prevention of disease .

    Medical laboratories vary in the size and complexity . So offer a variety of testing services . As well as nursing homes and surgical  centers may have laboratories that provide more basic testing services.Therefore Commercial medical laboratories. such as healthcare sick care operate as independent businesses and provide services. 


    A hospital’s is primary task is to provide short term care for people with severe health issue resulting from injury disease and genetic anomaly open 24 hour a day. Firstly seven day a week Secondly hospital bring together physicians in assorted Thirdly a highly skilled nursing staff Fourthly medical ,technicians Fifthly healthcare administrators and specialized equipment to deliver care to people with acute and chronic health conditions.

    Many hospital offer a wide range of services . Including emergency care ,schedules surgeries ,labor and delivery services, diagnostic testing ,lab work and patient education depending their health situation.


    Surgical center 

    Some surgeries are too complex to be done safely by doctors but simple enough that patients rarely require hospital care after undergoing them .However Ambulatory surgical center provides these types of procedures also refer to as outpatient or same day surgery center . Ambulatory surgical center are often a less expensive option then a hospital.

    Nursing home  

    A nursing home is design for patients who require constant care but do not have to be hospital and can not be cared for at home. Because it can actually serve patient of all age.

    Who require this level of care and Nursing home have medical personnel onsite 24 hours a day .Moreover a physician ,skilled nurse and therapists are on staff to oversee and provide medical care and help with medications and services like physical. .     


    Different type of the transport services

    Different type of the transport services means those activity designed to assist a person to travel from One place to obtain service on carry out life activities and Transport services means travel assistance given to an individual with escort services but If necessary to and from community facilities and resources as part  of a service plan .

     transport services

     Different type of transport services

    Here are different type of services such as ;

    • Buses , many rural communities uses buses as the primary Vehicle for their public transportation system ,operating fixed routes services  on the regular schedule 
    • Passenger train services 
    • Passenger air services 
    • Personal vehicles
    • Pedestrian transportations   
    • Boats
    • Resources  to learn more 

    Benefits of transport services

    Especially in the early planing phases of new public transit plans or prioritizing needed  improvements and It’s worth considering the benefits of public transport. So when determining budget and design here look eight transport benefits to consider;

    Improve community healthFor decades ,urban planners have looked to public transport to improve facilities and improve community health and well being Public transit riders must walk from their front door to the nearby transit stop and back However which increases physical activity to help address the modern obesity epidemic.

    Economic benefits of the community Every dollar invested in public transportation yields economic gains in the community .This is includes supporting a workforce  for needed improvement fostering business cluster and attracting tourists for businesses and pleasure People can more easily stop for a snack or a cup of coffee when walking to a transit stop as opposed to driving. 

    transport services

    small businesses can benefit

    Improves fuel efficiency- One of the most technical  benefit of public transportation is the ability to outfit buses and other public transit vehicle with alternative fuel sources overall Some system are completely electronic utilize renewable resources for fuel.Public transportation reduce air pollution Less fuel burned means better air quality for cities that integrate public transit .

    That come from Transportation is due day-to-day commutes .By leaving the car at home.A People can save up to 20 pounds of carbon dioxide emission every day.Improve road congestionNo one likes to be stuck in traffic, but rising populations demand improvement in roads infrastructure that can be costly and take a lot of time.However road construction  can often make the situation 

    More challenging before it gets better.Improve community mobilityMany people do not have to capability to drive. So public transportation is sometimes the only option to help them get to their destination .Provides an equitable transportation system

    This reduces the challenge of needing to be able to afford a car and gasoline or rely on some one.  who owns a vehicle -to earn a way to expand the workforce and improve the city’s economy by giving more people the ability  to get to their Jobs and public transport accomplish this. 

    Public transport improve commuters productivity-Many state even have laws against using a smartphone at all while operating an automobile.The multi-tasking limitation drive can result in hours of ineffective time.People can sleep , read and relax on their way to work.

    Disadvantages of  transportation services

    Here look to some disadvantages to transport services such as;

    • Long distances overland can take more time 
    • There can be traffic delays and breakdown 
    • There is the risk of good being damaged ,especially over long distance
    • Toll charges are high in some countries 
    • Some countries has different road and traffic regulations 
    • Travelers are crowded and personal space may not be available 
    • Traffic management measures 
    • Long commutes
    • Large fleet costs 
    • Parking issue 
    • Sprawling sites 
    • Rapid speed
    • Services in rural areas
    • Door to door services 
    • Saving in packing cost      



    basic information of yoga

    Basic information of yoga is Sanskrit word translated as “yoke” or “union” .To yoke means to draw together or to unite and Its aim to yoke or create a union of the body, mind ,soul and universal consciousness So this process of uniting the physical , mental , emotional and spiritual aspects of over self is what allows yogis to experience is deep state of freedom .Many people their .What started of thousand of years ago in the east as a meditative practices

    Has now evolved into a modern lifestyle. However People from all walks of life can practice and receive the benefits .Many celebrities swear by the physical  and spiritual practices. Therefore is the best way to keep the body fit But With basic yoga information we can get rid of many diseases .And you can keep your body young forever. we do not even need much money to do this so it is the best way.

    what is yoga?

    That has been passed down by the generations from teacher to student. basic information of Yoga practice include firstly breathing Secondly techniques Thirdly postures relaxation Fourthly chanting and Fifthly meditations methods. There are many different styles of yoga and each with their own unique focus and approach to creating a united state .Its organic life is traced back thousands of years .This  contemplative practices connect to the source of our being where we can experience the unity of our own self. As well as the unity of everything else around us.

    yoga practices

    There are main branches of traditional yoga in each of these different aspect of yoga 

     Will resonate differently with practitioners based on their disposition skill and ability 

    Firstly       focus on the meditations practices

    Secondly  focus on the action and services in daily life 

    Thirdly      focus on the devotion to God 

    Fourthly    focus on the ritual and initiation 

    Fifthly       focus on the energy and movement of the body 

    what is yoga?

    Goal of  yoga

    Yoga is the practice that allows us to transform and purify our body, mind and soul .

    It also gives us greater access to inner resources to teach us about self awareness, acceptance ,compassion , patience ,forgiveness, love ,peace and joy. 

    it  teach us to see ourself to clearly , to understand what is true about who we are

    And to let go of anything that does not serve us It helps us to become aware of our thoughts, feelings and beliefs, and to change them when they no longer serve us It gives us the tools to make better choices in life and to live more fully 

     what is yoga?
     Modern yoga in the west

    In the western world “yoga” has come to mean a particular style called the hatha yoga 

    These branches emphasize posture (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama) , stress relief , relaxation ,physical fitness and wellness. The focus is primarily on the physical body which differs from traditional yoga There are many schools of  Hatha However each with its own unique style and philosophy.

    8 Limbs of yoga

    Patanjali laid out the fundamentals of yoga philosophy and practices in the classic text , the yoga sutras. He describes the 8 limbs or steps to reach the goal of the practices

    Each limb is spiritual , mental or physical practices  that build upon another . the limbs of the eightfold path are;

    1. YAMA –            The moral code of conduct 

    2.NIYAMA-           The physically observances and internal practices 

    3. ASANA-            The proper posture

    4. PRANAYAMA–  The proper breathing exercise 

    5.PRATYAHARA-  The withdrawal of senses from  external distractions

    6.DHARANA-        The mental concentration and focusing the mind 

    7.DHYANA-           The meditation and focus on the single point 

    8.SAMADHI-         The cessation of all mental activity to attain a state of oneness 



    Role of SEO in google


    GOOGLE- Here we are discuss about role of SEO in google. Firstly we describe how google work. Google is commonly known as a popular internet search engine platform where you can discover your news ideas and find information about all over the country and firstly in this platform you can search anything according to your interest and find a best and relevant result. In google search engine you can search your keywords then you visit to (SERP) search engine result page after that you will see all similar information related to your keywords.

    Have you ever seen the best result similar to your keywords is located at top of page and google show you million of results related to your keywords but most traffic generate on top of page results. If you are created any website google have their own algorithm to rank website google bots crawl your website to understand the information and rank based on your website information.

    If you  want to improve your website and rank at top of page when any user search keyword similar to your website you will take help of SEO by doing in your website. After that SEO will optimizing your website and try to rank your website at top of page.


    SEO- SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO  plays a very important role in google. When we search any keywords google shows us most relevant results. When search engine bots crawl any website they index the website based on different factors. SEO will help us to make our website better for search engine .it will optimize our website then search engine bots easily understand the website and rank it on search. In SEO there are many ways to improve our website and also make our website more understanding to crawlers.

    Mainly  SEO work are rank our website in search engine result pages. If our website are located at top of result page it means more people see our website. It also help us to generate organic and unpaid traffic in our website. SEO is very useful to rank any business or promote our any product through our website and also helps to generate organic and unpaid traffic in our website. In goggle when any user search any keywords related to our website and searching best result for them there are too many other similar website or million of new website are added in google. Here SEO helps us to rank our website at the top of search engine result page. There are two ways to increase ranking our website.

    Role of SEO in google



    On page SEO focuses on optimizing our websites that are under our control.

    • Page title and headline
    • Images
    • Meta description and tags
    • URL
    • High quality and regularly updated content.


    Off page SEO focused on referral traffic to your website from another website. 


    These are two types of SEO or some functions of these and most importantly, if you really want results from SEO then it requires constant maintenance and it takes more time. It does not give profit at beginning. When you come to SEO always remember it is a long term process and also it can take a year to rank your website.


    1.It help to generate organic and unpaid traffic

    2.SEO reach to entire target audience

    3.SEO optimize user experience

    4.SEO helps to make your brand and increase brand visibility

    5.Reaches more people

    6.You will close more sale

    7. SEO rank your website at top of page


    What makes your hotel so special?

    There are different reasons for your ideal guest to stay at your hotel . So it depends on the different types of services in the hotel industry. That you are offering Some people will be searching for comfortable beds and others will go for delicious foods but they all will be looking at the way you treat your guests. It is growing at a rapid pace

    Hotel services

    You have to think outside the box and provide your guests with various services to attract them and keep them coming back So the right time to introduce some fantastic features and amenities and that will not only attract more customers but that will make you stand out from the competition.

    Many types of services in hotel industry

    We will discuss some great amenities and services. That you can offer to keep your guest more engaged and satisfied.

    1. Personalized greeting 
    2. A working space
    3. Pick and drop services 
    4. Event management facilities 
    5. Offer a jogging area 
    6. Free traveling options
    7. Personal gym equipment 
    8. Custom made soaps and toiletries 
    9. Outdoor driving 
    10. Free books and movies with snacks

    Hotel services that attract customers

    There are many types of services available in hotels However the manner of speaking of the manager and staff is very important and Having a constant learning process with your staff will keep in their mind .How to deal with the guests basic and additional services.

    Basic services- Two basic services provided by a room and board because the room is the main services of the enterprise that belong to hotel businesses, temporary staying related services such as Firstly changing bed clothes Secondly giving towels and all these services are include into the cost of a room However meals are provided by dining facilities and restaurants ,cafes ,bars that work in a hotel.

    Additional services provided by a hotel To attract more clients to a hotel additional paid or unpaid services are often available. They could be different entertainment Firstly personal services for families Secondly businesses or VIP clients that are often provided in the form of packages and attractive additional services provided by a hotel able to fill the season of low demand to increase profit and improve image. 

    Paid and unpaid hotel services

    When you plan your businesses ,It is important to consider the kind of services you are going to provide the clients with and they are paid and unpaid services.

    Unpaid services

    Firstly walking by a certain time 

    Secondly delivers of personal letter to a hotel room if they are sent to the hotel room 

    Thirdly calling and ambulance if it is needed

    Fourthly using first aid kit

    Fifthly providing a set of dishes, boiling water ,scissors ,a needle and thread 

    hotel services

    Paid services 

    Nevertheless ,it is actually the business venture and no services is provided may be a free of charges , paid services are also in demand but it is not only to stay in a hotel room the most common hotel paid services ;

    1 staying in a hotel room

    2 meals  

    3 clothing and footwear repairing ,dry cleaner 

    4 currency exchange 

    5 renting of premises 

    Kind of package hotel services

    Basic and additional services are sometimes offered in the form of packages with the list of provided services for a fixed fee.well thought out package attract clients with their simplicity and convenience they also help to reduce cost of the enterprise paid and unpaid services the most popular packages are day off packages Firstly Holiday Packages ,Secondly family packages,Thirdly newly weds or honeymooners packages and thematic ones .hotel services providing depend on seasonal changes .that is bad businesses to provided all the services all year around but in time of high demand special paid services and extra staff be added .           


    Difference in inbound and outbound marketing


    Let us discuss about difference in inbound and outbound marketing. Firstly we start with inbound marketing. This marketing is like any marketing strategy. Inbound marketing focuses on targeted audiences by creating valuable content. This marketing is totally based on customer interest and what they are looking for. Inbound marketing involves attracting the attention of people and making interest in your offer. This marketing is a way to introduce your company to your audience by making entertaining, educational and valuable content. In inbound marketing we can collect all data of customer. Inbound marketing is also like digital marketing. With the right way and guidelines so inbound marketing is the perfect way for businesses to grow more leads.

    Difference in inbound and outbound marketing



    VIDEO – Video has the potential to attract the attention of your audience and Video is one of the most creative ways to create your content. You will create demos of your product by making a video. After that you will explain your product in video. You will post your video in any social media platform. It can be a very useful tool for creating your content.

    SOCIAL MEDIA – Social media is a very useful way to promote your content with your audience and the best thing is you can have conversations with your audience and new interested people who are interested in your product so you will explain your content to them. With the help of conversation with the audience you can optimize your content according to their interest.

    INFOGRAPHIC – It is importantly to know that infographics can tell a story in a visual way with text. So it is a visual way to present your content. Infographic can help people to understand your ideas by using charts, graphs, diagrams, images and text. So you can easily create your own infographic and represent any kind of information and data.


    Firstly Outbound marketing focuses on a non-targeted audience to promote our product or services. It is like traditional marketing and Outbound marketing methods are directly connected to customers and make leads. By direct interaction with customers and companies collect accurate feedback and better understand customer interest and This methodology helps companies to give better results to their customers and optimize their product. But in outbound marketing the information does not spread Fastly. In outbound marketing company motive is to send its information to non targeted audience in traditional form. But outbound marketing is harder and less profitable but other side inbound marketing is more profitable.



    Firstly the main advantage of inbound marketing is it works online. They easily collect information about customer interest and then optimize their content according to customers interest. With inbound marketing able to targeted focused audiences with informational messages. Customers make decisions based on their interest and Inbound marketing uses techniques to create brand awareness and attract the audience. Because of all these reasons inbound marketing is more effective than outbound marketing and The other bigger benefits of inbound marketing is lower cost. Inbound marketing is in budget and give ROI (Return On Investment). Overall its cheaper cost than outbound marketing.

    firstly the outbound marketing is a traditional way of marketing and the outbound marketing strategy to reach their audience is commercial ads, T.V ads, radio .FM, and newspaper ads. So those are not more digital connected they are comfortable with these ways of outbound marketing strategy. Outbound marketing is not focused on targeted audiences like inbound marketing. and in outbound marketing the way of communication is one way and in inbound marketing the way of communication is two way. In outbound marketing the running cost is high as compared to inbound marketing.