Photoshop course- features and purposes



Photoshop is a photo editing software which edits photos and images with their tools. It is also known as adobe photoshop. It is available in many different languages , such as English, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese etc. In this course you will learn how to use and play with photoshop. This software provides many image editing features for images, graphics as well as vector graphics.

How will photoshop works

Photoshop is a photo editing, graphic design and image creation platform. The main head of photoshop is adobe photoshop. This is an amazing program that helps in business as well as personal uses.

It is a part of Adobe creative cloud, which has many tools like Adobe illustrator, Photoshop lightroom as well as Adobe Dreamweaver. Adobe creative cloud allows users to work in image and graphic content from anywhere.

Some main features of photoshop


Layers: This feature allows you to create levels which can help you to create images, editing texts, shapes or other designing elements. This makes it easy to create design as well as images, and edit them without affecting other parts of the image.

Selection: This feature allows the user to edit or move select parts of the image. This is very useful for making an image to make changes in a small area.

Brushes: It allows users to paint on an image with the help of Brushes. Brushes can be used for adding color to an image.

Filters: This feature allows users to use different types of filters that makes the image interesting as well as beautiful. This feature changes the appearance of the image by applying different filters.

What can we learn from this course:

  • Graphic design.
  • Logo design.
  • Image editing.
  • User experience design.
  • Video editing.
  • Adobe lightroom.

Graphic design: In photoshop you will learn how to work with layers, combine images, add creative graphics, texts as well as effects. It aslo helps in creating graphics for designers.

Logo design: It is a great tool for creating Logo design. It helps designers to create  high quality logos and you can also make money from it.

Image editing: It is one of the most powerful tools for image editing. It has many features like filters, graphics, sharpening and others that help in image editing.

User experience design: It is a powerful tool that helps for various purposes such as user experience. It has too many layers to edit and to manipulate.

Video editing: It can help in video editing. It can help in using filters, graphics, layers, videos and photos. Adobe Photoshop CS5 is the best version for video editing. It also has many features for editing videos.

Adobe Lightroom: It is a great app for editing photos with great features you can change your quality, brightness, sharpness as well as use many tools that help you in editing. You can also learn how to edit photos with the help of adobe lightroom on youtube.

Benefits of this course:

  • You can learn about Photo editing, Graphics and Image creating at a professional level.
  • If you have your own business then you can save your money by yourself by not hiring another person for work.
  • You can express yourself creatively.
  • You can learn T-shirt designing.
  • You can easily learn about web designing.
  • You can make money from this course.
Is Photoshop a good career?

Photographers, graphic designers and other professionals use photoshop for their work so, this is a great opportunity to build a career. A person must have passed 10+2 will be eligible for this course.

Does photoshop help to get a job?

It is a great skill to get a job. Many jobs such as graphic designer, web designer and user interface designer require photoshop skills. It helps you to work with domestic as well as international companies. You also have freelance job opportunities with photoshop or full time jobs with good pay.

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