Education is key of success

Education is key of success because It helps people become better citizens and it helps a person to get knowledge and improve confidence in life but without education you can not change your lifestyle. That person  is better understanding of society.

Top 5 reason why it is important our life such as;

Firstly need for equality.

Secondly provided stability

Thirdly make your dreams true 

Fourthly safer world

Fifthly confidence and improve lifestyle

Education is keys of success

Education is keys of success it can protect you more than you know and not only on a financial level, but it can help prevent you advantage of knowing and how to read and write but such as knowing not to sign any bogus documents. It is more important to every human being than you can move forward and it helps build character ,opinion and intellect but Each of us will still our ideas and ways. A person is important to society if that is literate . who is educated and developed his moral and ethical value in society.

 Education in ancient time in India both formal and informal ways of education existed Because it was imparted at home, in temple and pathashala. There were people in home, village and temples who guided young children in imbibing pious ways of life and in the olden day there was no formal education in India because education is key of success.

 Education problems in India

Education problem in India .It is divided into two parts: private and government but government education is fail to give a good quality and the major issue in second technical become very expensive. Firstly middle class family is not get higher because their have no money and secondly issue large number of primary school are not building and what to talk of basic facility like; drinking water ,washroom and playground and many more issue in faced primary school such as:

  1. Expensive and higher education
  2. Lack of resource
  3. Less quantity and quality of teacher
  4. Lack basic facilities
  5. Lack of school in villages
  6. Neglect of the practice
  7. Bigger focus on the English language
  8. Neglect of Indian language 
  9. Problem of brain drain
EDUCATION is keys of success

Education solutions

 do we solve  problems in the education system such as;

1.Acknowledge and address over crowding 

2.Make funding school and a poverty 

3.Raise standard for teachers

4.Vehicle for providing scholarships to student

5 .Provide  basic facilities

6. Rural areas should open new school 

7. Given higher studies in low price  

8.Promote women’s education

9. Quantity and quality of teachers 

10.Compulsory and free education for all 

It is more important for every human being’s life because it gave more than knowledge and information and it helps we further in every field and if you less than knowledge you stay behind in every field .so it is most part of our life .

 3 Types of Education



3.non informal

Formal – This is also known as formal learning which usually takes place within the premises of the school but it refers to the basic academic knowledge that a child learns in a formal manner. such an it is provided from specially qualified  teachers who are efficient enough with the art of introduction and some of the example of formal education are classroom learning institute grading and certification.

Informal – This is the type of Education wherein a parents is teaching a child things that are beyond academic like preparing a meal of riding a bicycle and people can also get informal but through books or educational web site So this is an education that is not derived in school through a paper and learning method but it is not pre-planned nor deliberate.

Non informal – It refer to adult basic information but it can take different form of learning which is consistently systematically provide to developed to particular skill and ability in an individual and it is free course on different platform but this type of it is flexible and include a wide range of activities.

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