Digital marketing Basics

Digital marketing basic is the process of promoting a product through any digital device like- computer, laptop ,mobile phone Etc . So you can build a small business easily digital marketing means connecting people with brands in meaningful ways .You create a web site add compelling content and perhaps some product to sell. Your ideal customers finds your site ,is wowed by your product images and descriptions, makes a purchase and becomes a lifelong customers. 

digital marketing basic

Digital marketing benefit

 It is makes selling and buying extremely simple .There are multiple website like -amazon, flip kart , Myntra etc. This applies to product such as clothes, groceries, medicines, food and so much more. It is simple way to reach new customers . So it is best way to promote any business.

1.SEO marketing

2.Inbounding marketing 

3.Social media marketing 

4.local marketing

5.public relations

Seo marketing – Search engine optimization to generate organic traffic .It helped rank a website. It is optimizer and more important is celling  and buying . You can easily advertise your product and services through SEO market. 

  Inbound marketing – Inbound marketing like -Facebook , Instagram, you tube etc. Firstly it helps Remarketing easily .Secondly it is budge table .Thirdly target the audience and last high ROI return of investment.

Social media marketing – Social media marketing ‘smm’ also known as in the use of social media because this platform on which users build social networks . So they share information to build a company’s brands ,increase sales ,and reach new customers . 

 Local marketingLocal marketing  refers to strategies that target religious audiences near your business .Getting your small business’s local marketing strategies off the ground is quick easy and free. These tips improve your local marketing. 

Public relations- Public relations is a valuable tool .Because it is refers to managing how others see and feel about a person ,brands and company. The use of two important business functions marketing and public relations to generate awareness and positive response to a product.

Digital marketing

Website marketing

A website is the centerpiece of all activities. Because it is a very powerful channel on its own but it’s also the medium needed for a variety of online marketing. So t should be fast ,mobile friendly and easy to use. once your site is on the internet. You need effective website marketing strategies to attract your target audience .It is generate leads and sales.

Digital marketing

This uses a range of strategies to reach customers. whether the aim is to tempt them into make a purchase and increase their brands awareness. because It can easily build small businesses and promote any product.

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