Difference Between Browser And Search Engine

A search engine and web browser are closely related forms of technology that help use us the internet ,but they are not quite the same thing.

Web Browser : 

A software application to make contact with a web server and view pages . For example , Google Chrome ,Internet Explorer ,Microsoft Edge and Opera etc. a browser  convert websites delivering using HTTP into human readable content .

Furthermore, browsers provide multiple advantages and The user can open simultaneousely pages on different tabs of the same window .

Today , the most popular browser for example Google Chrome ,Apple Safari ,Mozilla , firefox 

Web Browser : 

So many features of web browser:

  • Firstly a home button to return to the user’s homepage.
  • secondly Allow the user to open multiple pages at the same time, either in different browser window and different tabs of the same window.
  • Thirdly Back and forward buttons to go back to the previous page visited or forward to the next one .
  • Further a refresh and reload and a stop button to reload and cancel loading the current page.

Search Engine :

Search engines consist of three main parts ; firstly   a crawler secondly a search index thirdly a search algorithm .

However, a search engine is a web based service that helps you search for information on their internet  based on your queries .

It also have its own database and search engine helps find information in the world wide web.

However , it is a website through which users can search other websites using keywords and Without search engines, finding useful information on the web is very difficult .

 for Example  of search engines include Google ,Yahoo ,Being ,Duck duck go, Baidu ,Internet explorer.

Search Engine :

 How does a Search engine work :

Search engine work by three steps ; Firstly is crawling, secondly is indexing and thirdly is rnaking .

Crawling :

However ,the first step is crawling .search engine send out web crawlers to find a new pages and record information about them .

They may do this every few days , so it is possible for content to be out of date until they crawl your website again .

Indexing :

The second step is indexing .indexing is when a search engine decides whether or not it is going to use the content that it has crawled . this index is use at final ranking stage .

following SEO best practice will help to search engine understand your content so you can rank for the right search queries .

Ranking :

Search engines also use algorithms to analysis the website and decide how to rank  them for search queries and the search engine ranking algorithms  base value off of high-quality backlinks ,relevant  content popularity and information .

Although most search engine will provide the tips that how to improve your page ranking ,the exact algorithms used are well guarded and change frequently avoid to misuse .

but the following search engine optimization best practice you can ensure that .

Search engine easily crawl your website and also promote them to crawl new content .

Your content is indexed for the right keywords so it can appear for relevant searches and also Your content rank highly on the SERP

Difference Search Engine & Web Browser
Search Engine Web Browser
Search  engine is a kind of website where a user can search and the result based on the same are  displayed on the screen .  A software application to make contact with a web server and view pages .
It also has its own database .No database of its own and its Only comprises a memory to store and cache and  cookies.
You do not need install a search engine on your device  A multiple web browser can be installed on a single device.
For example of Search Engine are

For Examples of Web Browser are:
Internet explorer
Difference Search Engine & Web Browser
The  search engine accessed through a web browser Typically, all devices are supported .

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