Key components of digital marketing

Key components of Digital marketing is the best process to promote the product and service through the digital device .Digital marketing is the best way to grow your business .Because such a  million people  are connected digitally . 

Here are a seven major components that will help you provide to  regarding digital marketing career Here are a seven major components that will help you provide to  regarding digital marketing career .

So there are a many key components of Digital Marketing

Key components of digital marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing 


Content marketing 

Web analytics 

Marketing automation 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO stands for Search Engine optimization .in short it improve your website rank and improve your visbility .

So there are a many benefits of SEO;

  • It helps to generate organic traffic .
  • it helps to rank a website .
  • boosts your credibility
  • It also make a SEO friendly website. 
  • It helps to improve your website quality.
  • increase brand awareness
  • It is a long term technique  .

Therefore, there are many options  to make up a career in a popular field .

Social Media Marketing 

Meanwhile ,SMM means marketing of social media to promote  our goods and services through digital media . 

Social  media marketing is the best way to grow your audience – nowadays a million people are connected to social media platforms for example Instagram , facebook ,pinterest, twitter  etc. 

So the main goal of SMM is to improve your communication and grow your customer . 

Email Marketing 

Firstly, this marketing is the most effective marketing channel beating social media and affiliate marketing .

Secondly ,Email marketing is the direct channel that lets you share your new product , sales and update with customers on their contact list.  

so many Types of marketing emails 
  1. Promotional emails 
  2. Informational emails 
  3. Re-engagement emails 
  • It is a digital marketing model where the advertisers need to pay the fees when the user click the ads .
  • Although ppc is

so many benefit of PPC 

  •  Set your own budget 
  • PPC reach your customer
  • PPC drive a more traffic 
  • Increase  visibility 
 Content marketing 

This marketing is the process of planning ,creating ,sharing and publishing to the content of your target audience . because it is the best way to attract the customer to your companies .most importantly this marketing creates brand loyalty and gives important information to your consumers .

Meanwhile ,Content marketing analysis the customer needs . and also giving the information in some way like video,images , news etc. 

so many Benefits of content marketing 

  • Visit more traffic to your website 
  • Connect with your audience 
  • Develop your brand personalities
  • Attract more customer to your website 
  • It’s cost effective 
  • It helps to grow your business
  •  High visibility in search engine 
  • Support our audience 
  • Build trust 
  • Increased  organic traffic 
  • Increase  search engine rank
Web analytics

Meanwhile ,This marketing involve the  processes of collecting   and analyses the website data .

In short web analytics giving more information about website data . web analytics analyse the behaviour of visitors  to a website . and also helped to understand the customer behaviour .

Advantage of Web analytics

so many advantages of web analytics

  • Conversion challenge 
  • Finding the write target audience 
  • Improve the website rank 
  • Tracking business goals 
  • Improve the result from google ads 
  • Starting easy 
  • New and best creative ideas 
  • Improve facebook ads 
  • Know your visitors 
  • The solution of problems
Market automation 

This automation is software that handles  marketing routine tasks without needing human action. it’s also improves your sales . it also helps  to connect your customer and also saving your time .

Market automation 

Also it was supplied with useful content that improves your trust and respect your brand .

so many used for Market automation :

  • More time of creativity
  • More efficiency 
  • Improve communication
  • Improve your productivity 
  • Improve revenue

Type of marketing automation

so there are a many type of marketing automation

  1. CRM Automation 
  2. Social Media Marketing Automation 
  3. Advertising Automation 
  4. Mobile Marketing Automation 
  5. Email Marketing Automation 
  6. Lead Management Automation 
  7. Marketing Automation Analytics 
  8. Omni-channel Automation 

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