How to make money from Instagram

Social media is an amazing platform to develop your skills. There are many social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram etc. Billions of people use social media. My favourite social media application is Instagram. It is an entertaining application as well as very easy to use. But you know that we make money from Instagram.

There are many ways to make money on Instagram. We can make money by making reels, by ads, by promoting business, by collaborating, by sharing skills etc.

How to make money through reels?

Instagram reels are the videos made by users to show their creativity and it helps in engaging your audience, building your community, increasing your brand and entertaining your audience.

Ads [Attention deficit syndrome]:

Instagram ads promote your brands through advertising and Billions of people use Instagram and they see your brand through ads and it helps to promote your products as well as helps in making money.


Influencer marketing is a very fast growing field of marketing. Users easily collaborate with domestic and international brands and collaboration posts became the main source of income for many Influencers.

Sharing skills:

Sharing skills is also a way to make money on Instagram. In this users shares their skills by making reels and if users like your skills they follow you to see more skill videos and if you have 1k to 10k or more than followers on Instagram. It gives you $1420 per month and it is the best way to make money.

How to make money from Instagram

Set up an Instagram shop:

Instagram shops are an easy method to make money. Users can buy products from your shop. Your products are shown in user’s feeds or they buy your product easily.

How to sell your Instagram products:

  • Open your Dashboard and go to composer.
  • Select your business profile.
  • Upload your media and type your caption.
  • And last select post now for later.

Sell your handmade products:

Handmade products are very cheap and easy to make. Many people like handmade products because these products are very beautiful and attractive. Users who like handmade products will buy your products through Instagram and it helps to make money and also helps to sell your products.

How to make money from Instagram

How much money can people make on Instagram:

Celebrities make lots of money from their posts on Instagram but your posts depend on you to show your creativity or what you sell. Your income depends on your followers. If your products attract an audience then you have a good opportunity to make more and more followers and money.

Make stories and use filters:

It is also an easy way to make money. You can make small stories of your business, products and also use attractive filters. Which can help you to grow more and more users.

Promote affiliate links:

To make money from affiliate marketing you want to join paying affiliate programs so you can add affiliate links on your Instagram and make a commission.

How to make money from Instagram
Become a brand ambassador:

Many companies want to promote their business but most companies want to establish long term relationships with influencers, so they make a brand ambassador who can promote their products on a daily basis.  

It is a most preferred application for influencer marketing. It is a perfect place for users to become a brand ambassador and collaborate with companies and promote their business. Large brands also send their products so that they can review and promote products.


IGTV monetization was announced in 2020. It is an video making platform to compete with Youtube as well as through IGTV monetization you can make high quality videos. Video creators can directly make money from their content. The monetization works through 15 seconds ads and that will appear while your users watches your IGTV channel.

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