21 in Tokyo, Japan. Japan won the selection as the host country for 2020 summer olympics during the 125th IOC Session in Buenos AIRES, Argentina, on 7 September 2013 . The games originally planned from 24 July to 9 August 2020. But unfortunately a global pandemic hit during March of 2020 and the games got rescheduled for next year. Moreover, it is the only olympics in non leap year since the 1900s. With the total expenditure of $20billion, the event is the most expensive Olympics ever. Interestingly, Two new events saw entry in the olympics including 3×3 basketball and Freestyle BMX. .


Covid-19 and Postponement

During the new year 2020, concerns plummet on covid 19 impact in China and how it can affect the players and olympics committee. Similar concerns during Zika virus that struck in 2016 Rio de jenerio olympics and Swine flu in 2010 Winter Olympics also upset the world. After WHO declared covid as global pandemic, real consequences came forward. Countries started to pull out their players. Adding on, some athletes themselves were seriously scared by the virus and its effects. As a result of all the concerns, On 30 March 2020, the IOC and TOCOG announced that they had reached an agreement on the rescheduling for the 2020 Summer Olympics. New dates, with commencing ceremony on 23 July 2021 and end with the closing ceremony on 8 August 2021.


As rescheduled, the games inaugurated on 23 July 2021 in Japan national stadium. Emperor Naruhito begin the games formally and a traditional parade of nations began.  Naomi Osaka, Japanese tennis player lit the Olympic cauldron after the torch relay.  


Events for Tokyo olympics

The Olympics had a total of 339 events across 33 sports. And five new sports also added namely baseball/softball, skateboarding, surfing, sport climbing and karate. The tickets for these events were in the range of ¥12000 to¥ 3,00,000 originally. But unfortunately due to covid it was announced that no spectators were allowed to attend any event. As Paris is selected as the host country for 2024 summer olympics pre recorded video was played. The video contained live footage of people gathered around eiffel tower to welcome the  comeback of modern olympics

Countries and controversy

Since 1988 it was the first time that North Korea was absent from the olympics. They pulled out of the games for covid 19 concerns. On the contrary officials banned Russia from the 2020 olympics. After the Russian government busted to have tampered with laboratory data that it had provided to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) in January 2019. WADA offended by the actions of the Russian government banned Russians for four years. But after hearing all the appeals of the Russian athletes WADA softened the ban.

WADA instigated to allow individually cleared Russian athletes to take part in the 2020 Summer Olympics under a neutral banner . But will not participate in team sports. Instead of a total ban from all sporting events, the judges allowed Russia to participate at the Olympics, but the team prohibit to use their  flag, anthem, or name for a two year period and must present themselves as “Neutral team” or “Neutral Athlete”. Also, compete under the name Russian Olympic Committee or ROC for short. It allows for “Russia” to be visible on the team clothes although it should be no more visible than the Neutral signs.  As well as the use of the Russian flag’s colours within the uniform’s design.

Tokyo olympics Schedule

The original schedule ran from 22 July to 9 August 2020. Due to postponement of the Tokyo Olympics until 2021, all events got set back by 364 days ( same days of the week as year before), giving a new schedule of 21 July to 8 August 2021. Day 1 consisted of games like Archery, cycling, fencing, judo,shooting, taekwondo and wrestling which came to be a good day. And in the middle of the staring and ending consisted of all the other events. As one knows, closing day is the most hyped day in Olympic events because it consists of the most popular events in the whole olympics. Namely Athletics, basketball, boxing, gymnastic, water polo, handball and volleyball.

India in olympics

Since 1920, 2020 became the most successful Olympics for India, As India scored seven medals (1 gold, 2 silver and 4 bronze). But the main attraction for India was Neeraj Chopra. He became the first India to score a gold medal in athletics by throwing 87.58 m in his second attempt. The other events in which India scored medals were women weightlifting, field hockey,men freestyle wrestling, women golf, boxing and badminton. All medal grabber in Tokyo olympics are well rewarded by their state and also the country. Rewards came as cash and for some by them permanent government jobs or both.


Reception of Tokyo 2020

A total number  of 3.05 billion people view the Olympics according to research conducted by the IOC.Also, it saw an increase of 140% across digital platforms as compared to 2016 Rio de janeiro olympics. Sony Pictures was the official partner for broadcasting over the Indian subcontinent. While NBC made a deal of $4.3 billion for broadcast in the United States. In Australia seven networks aired the Olympics live during all the events. While surprisingly Canada had multiple broadcasters which include CBS, sportsnet, TSN and TLN.

Olympics Closing in Tokyo

As scheduled closing ceremony for Tokyo olympics conducted on *August 2021 and was for about 2 and half hours. Japan National Stadium served for concluding ceremony as well. Unlike previous olympics, the total number of participants in the closing ceremony were far less. Due to the reason being that players had to leave 48 hours after the completion of their event. 


1. Tokyo Olympics 2020 India medals

India won seven medals total (one gold, two silver and four bronze).India also won its first gold in athletics since the dawn of olympics.

2. Who won gold in Tokyo Olympic in India?

Neeraj Chopra won gold in javelin throw and became the only Indian to have won gold in athletics.

3. Who will host 2024 Olympics?

Paris is selected as the host country for 2024 summer olympics. During 131st IOC session on 13September 2017 Paris was selected as host country for the games

4. Who won highest medal in Tokyo?

Athletes from the United States won the most medals overall, with 113, and the most gold medals, with 39.

5. How many countries participated in 2020 Olympics?

Total participating countries in Tokyo Olympics came out be 206. North Korea backed out of games due to covid-19 concerns

6. How many countries are playing in the Olympics 2022?

A total number of 2,871 athletes representing 91 teams competed in the Games. 613 coming from United States and dominating the charts.

7. How many Olympics does Tokyo have?

Tokyo hosted a total of four olympics including 2020. Also,Tokyo became the first city in Asia to hold the Summer Games twice.

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