Instagram is a famous and fabulous application from all over the world. It was launched on 6 Oct 2010. It is owned by an american company called meta platform and it is an easy way to make friends and communicate with others on it. Billions of people  use Instagram.


Entertainment features:

On Instagram we can easily make friends and share pictures and videos. Instagram have reels option now people make reels and short videos for their entertainment and popularity. Now a days, People make money through this and promote their profile. It is also a pic and video editor Application. It is also has many features like sharing,tagging,advertising etc. In this people also share their story for 24 hrs. 

How to create Instagram:

  • Firstly download the Instagram mobile application.
  • Then tap on sign up and enter your google account or phone number.
  • Choose a username and password.
  • And last login the account.

In this we can easily change account holder name and other details. We can also create a bio in our account which is shown in our account. The most interesting part of this application is the reels can easily shares. So we enjoy lots of reels in it. We use 1 account in many phones.

It is a wide platform to improve our skills by making and sharing reels and posts. In response to abusive and negative comments on users’ accounts Instagram provides users full power to turn off their comments. It also have other features in setting like to block  people,disallow messages and disallow message requests.


Stories features:

Instagram also has features to highlight their stories and save reels, music audio in your phone. We also create a page of our business in Instagram and promote them.

We can check how many people are following my account and how many people are following me as well as also delete our posts and reels .

It is an international application in the market. We also log in Instagram accounts from Facebook. It is an easy way to log in  Instagram. Every update of Instagram they makes  new features on it. Now the latest update is new amazing filters to click photos. We also download pics and videos from Instagram.

It has also a series of add-on apps available. These apps are boomerang, which creates time lapse videos and layout, which creates multiple images. Other features are to create pictures by editing and use shadows, increases contrast, saturation, sharpness, tint etc.

Instagram Business features:

It is also use for making business. It is a popular social media platform that can also serve as a valuable tool for business marketing.

Advertise your business through Instagram ads and use the platform’s sales function to sell your products.

In November 2016,it launched a new tool for business purpose that is called business account including business profiles and promote posts.

To convert your personal Instagram into a business profile:

  • Open Instagram and tap on your profile.
  • Tap on the menu button on the top right.
  • Tap settings.
  • Tap account.
  • Then tap switch to professional account and continue.
  • Tap done.

It helps to promote products and services. It is a marketing field which is an effective way to advertise a product and can be use for free even for commercial purpose.

Hashtag are used to help users for find the content on it. Hashtags can include letters and numbers but they can’t contain any non-numeric characters.


IGTV is a video application launch in 2018. It allows up to 10 minutes video with a file size up to 650 MB. In 2016 Instagram added live video function to make more entertain.

Other Features:

It also launched a feature in settings where users hide comments,likes in the posts. One new feature of this app is vanish mode in this when a user on the vanish mode and chatting  with someone the chat will automatically delete.

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